STEPCRAFT is among the international market leaders in the field of multifunction CNC systems. Beyond that, we develop, produce and distribute different system-guided tools, such as the HF Spindle,  Laser, 3D Printing Head, and the Drag Knife. As we work closely together with local suppliers, STEPCRAFT products proudly carry the seal of quality "Made in Germany".

Established in 2012, our company is headquartered in Menden (Sauerland), Germany,  since July 2016. With more than 20 employees from six nations, along with the subsidiary STEPCRAFT Inc., located in Torrington, CT USA and our global reseller network, we supply and support customers from the sectors of education, hobby and industry all around the world.

Above: STEPCRAFT headquarters in Menden, Germany


In December 2012 STEPCRAFT moved into its first office on Kalkofen 6 in Iserlohn. Our young company grew so fast that its two owners, Markus Wedel and Peter Urban, needed to rent additional premises in the same building complex only four months later. With the continuously increasing volume of orders and the growing number of employees another 370 m2 were added until early 2015 when our possibilities of expansion were exhausted. In order to meet the still increasing demands of space, we moved STEPCRAFT into the new company building in July 2016. It is located An der Beile 2 in 58708 Menden, which is only 15 km away from Iserlohn. In only four years our company has grown from its initial 8 m2 to 1500 m2. Thus, the new building not only offers more space for our team of more than 20 employees, but also additional room for further expansion and innovation.


In Late 2014, STEPCRAFT, Inc. was incorporated in the USA when Markus and Peter engaged Erick Royer as the Managing Director for STEPCRAFT located in Torrington, CT.  STEPCRAFT, Inc. started small, initially run from Erick's home, but after a very successful Kickstarter campaign in March 2015, just 4 months after starting,  STEPCRAFT, Inc. moved into a commercial office complex and began to hire its first employees. Over the next 9 months, the rapid growth of the company demanded the need for more demo and warehouse and assembly space, so the company moved again to its present location in early 2016 at 59 Field Street in Torrington, CT.  The new facility was four times the size of its prior location located in the former Torrington Company factory building. This turn-of-the-century building offered plenty of possibility for future expansion.  As the company continued to grow and with the birth of the new STEPCRAFT Q-Series, an expansion was needed again. Additional space was acquired, more than doubling its size to make room for more employees, additional warehousing, a larger demo center, a video studio suite and a large production/assembly facility.