The STEPCRAFT Tool Length Sensor For The Q-Series CNC Machines

The STEPCRAFT Tool Length Sensor for the Q-Series machines is an invaluable tool that allows you to get accurate Z-height measurements for your jobs.  The sensor can be placed on the machine bed, spoil board or on the surface of the material underneath the cutting tool and then with the simple press of a button, the machine will lower the tool and touch it off, recording the height of the tip of the tool in relation to the surface that the sensor is placed on.  

This video shows you the three different locations that the Tool Length Sensor can be plugged into on the Q machine and we also have some 3D Print files that you can download and print your own sensor holders:

Z Axis Sensor Holder (Click To Download)


Rear Of Machine Sensor Holder (Click To Download)

This is an overview video of the STEPCRAFT Q-Series Tool Length Sensor


This video talks about places that you can connect the Tool Length Sensor on the Q-Series CNC


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