RMC200 Wireless Remote Control

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The Remote Control was specifically designed for the use with UCCNC and Mach3 and allows for an easy to use wireless setup of your Desktop CNC System. It enables you not only to select up to six axes, set zero points but also to switch the spindle on and off as well as to process additional machining routines. For these purposes, the readout values of the axis positions, the stepping mode and the current speed of the spindle are displayed on the integrated LCD screen. The data exchange with the PC is provided via a USB WiFi transmitter that is being connected with the USB port of your computer.

 Please take into consideration that the UCR200 WiFi Remote Control is not suitable for the use with WinPC-NC.

Technical Specifications:
Wireless WiFi Remote Control
Range: 10-15 m (depending on environment)
4 axes displayed on screen (up to 6 axis selectable)
LCD screen with backlight
Connection with PC via USB WiFi transmitter
Handwheel encoder and buttons
Battery operated