D.600 Fully-Automated CNC Package

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STEPCRAFT D.600 Fully-Automated Desktop CNC Package

The STEPCRAFT-2/D.600 is the second largest model in the STEPCRAFT-2 product line.  With a work area of 23.6″ x 16.5″, the D.600 is the perfect machine for woodworking, large hobby model projects, large craft projects and much more. As with all STEPCRAFT machines, you have the ability to quickly interchange attachments so you can go from milling to 3D printing to laser engraving, engraving to craft cutting and much more in seconds. STEPCRAFT is the MOST UNIVERSAL machine on the market with a very competitive price. STEPCRAFT machines feature true German design, innovation, precision and craftsmanship.

Using the STEPCRAFT EasyBuild manual, this self-assembly construction kit can be assembled within only a few hours and requires no special skills such as cutting or soldering. The step-by-step manual contains almost no text and uses full-color graphics and easily understandable illustrations. Additionally, we have a full online video training course that will walk you though each step of the assembly process.  Assembling the STEPCRAFT D-Series yourself not only saves you money but you will know your machine in-detail afterwards, making it easier for you perform maintenance and adjustments when needed. 


STEPCRAFT-2/D.600 Desktop CNC System (Self-Assembly KIT)

STEPCRAFT MM-1000 DI, 1000 Watt Milling Spindle with 1/8" Collet

MM-1000 1/4" Collet 

Amana 1/4" Starter Tool Set

Tool Length Sensor

Automatic Tool Changer (MM-1000)

6 x SK15 ATC Tool Holders

3 x ER11 1/8" Collets for ATC

3 x ER11 1/4" Collets for ATC

Aluminum T-Slot Table

Clamping Set

Vectric VCarve Pro CAD/CAM Software

BONUS (3 Books)
CNC Milling For Makers
Start A Business with A Desktop Creation System
The CAD, CAM and CNC Workbook

STEPCRAFT is the universal CNC model-making machine for creative professionals, hobbyists, crafters and more.

- Turn your ideas into machined products in no time
- Stable, compact, accurate and fast
- Many accessories and add-on tools available
- Works with a large variety of materials, including woods, plastics and non-ferrous metals (aluminum, brass, copper)
- The kit is fast and easy to assembly (no special tools or skills required)
- Also available as Ready-to-Run (for an additional charge)
- Strong, rigid construction
- Highly accurate, thanks to high quality, precision components that are matched and test fit at the factory.
- Compact and space-saving machine design
- Easy USB connection to PC
- STEPCRAFT designed and manufactured the custom aluminum extrusions that provide superior torsional rigidity and functionality
- Connecting elements made of stainless steel and aluminum
- 8-point ball bearing carriage on all axles/linear profiles
- 4 track roller guidance
- Stepper motors from Nanotec®
- High-precision lead screws from Switzerland
- Play-free movement of the carriages (continuous adjustability, freely accessible externally without disassembly)
- Maximum working speed of 3000 mm/min (50mm/sec)
- Inspection covers on the Y-axis for easy maintenance and care
- Silicone seals used to protect the mechanism from dirt on the Y-axis
- Worktop made of wear-resistant HPL (similar to Formica- countertop material), optional aluminum T-slot table
- Quick-change system allows you to switch from one application to the next in seconds
- Integrated workpiece clamping system for plate materials with a thickness of up to 15mm
- Flexible tool holder through Ø 43 mm clamping collar, optional adapters available for Dremel, Proxxon, or Dewalt DW611
- Integrated control electronics in the machine housing. Only requires a power supply cable and USB cable to the computer – no wiring clutter.
- Modular control electronics with standard USB port. Parallel port and 4-axis are optional
- Compact size on many models – perfect for the desktop or workbench
- EasyBuild construction manual uses pictures for detailed step-by-step assembly of the CNC-/3D-Desktop System
- Can be assembled in a few hours
- Our control software has been specifically designed to be easy for the novice, but to have all the functionality for the professional user
- Compatible with a variety of NC control software including UCCNC (Included with each machine), WinPC-NC, LinuxCNC and Mach 3/4
- Engineered and Manufactured in Germany with Support, Parts and Service in Connecticut, USA.