Q.204 CNC System

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*Machine shown in ad photo has optional ATC-2200 Tool Changer Spindle w/VFD and OPTIONAL Front Tool Rack (holds 7 tools) with 7 Tool Holders in place. 

NOTE:  ATC Spindle comes standard with one REAR tool rack that holds 4 tools... if you want the front rack to hold 7 tools it is an additional cost.

X-Axis Travel24" (610 mm)
Y-Axis Travel48" (1220 mm)
Z-Axis Travel5.7" (145 mm)
Table Work Area31.5" x 59" (800 mm x 1498 mm)
Max Z Gantry Clearance7.67" (195 mm)
Rapid Feed Rate393 in./min. (166 mm/sec)
Precision Ball ScrewsOn X, Y and Z Axes
Spindle OptionsSTEPCRAFT MM-1000 (1 kW)Bosch 2.25 HP RouterPorter Cable 3.25 HP RouterSTEPCRAFT HFS-2200 2.2 kW Air-Cooled Spindle
Ball Screw Diameter20 mm 
Machine Footprint (W, L, H)39" x 59" x 29" (min.)
Power Requirements110 V, 50~60 Hz, 10A, Single Phase (for base machine)A second 110 V 50-60 Hz, 15A, Single Phase outlet is required for the MM-1000, Bosch or Porter Cable routers.Note: If using the HFS-2200 2.2 kW spindle, you will require 220V single phase 12A
Working TableMDF w/Aluminum T-Slots (Full Aluminum bed optional)
Positional Accuracy/Repeatability+/- 0.0005" (0.015 mm)
Backlash+/- 0.0005" (0.015 mm)
Programmable Resolution+/- 0.0005" (0.015 mm)
InterfaceUSB or Parallel
Weight320 lbs (machine-only)
Tool Length SensorIncluded
Machine StandAll welded steel (optional)
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Production Power And Accuracy For Your Shop/Business

The Q-Series line of CNC systems from STEPCRAFT sets new standards, having been specifically designed as production CNC systems.  Unlike any other CNC machine in its class on the market, the Q-Series combine efficiency, precision and quality with modern ergonomic  industrial design. With production speeds of up to 393 in./min. (166 mm/sec), a large variety of materials can be efficiently and precisely machined such as wood, plastic, non-ferrous metals such as aluminum and brass, carbon composites, and more. 

All-Steel Motion System®

 STEPCRAFT has always been known for utilizing custom aluminum extrusions for the frame of their CNC systems. The Q-Series takes this technology to another level with the All-Steel Motion System®. This linear guide system utilizes massive, heavy-duty aluminum extrusions coupled with 20 mm hardened steel shafts to guaranty smooth movement on all axes with a very high load capacity.

Precision Ball Screw Drive System

Each axis of the Q-Series CNC machines utilizes precision ball screws for a zero-backlash drive system with repeatability of +/- .015 mm (0.0005"), giving you the precision and accuracy that is demanded from industrial production applications.

Solid Drive Units

The Q-Series CNC machines utilize solid drive units on the X and Y axes, which consist of actively-cooled stepper motors, which move the ball screw drives by means of rotating the revolving nuts rather than the entire ball screw, which eliminates the whipping that occurs when you rotate a long ball screw rapidly. This results in faster acceleration, higher production speeds, lower vibration and increased accuracy.

Precision Bearing Guide Rollers

Working in conjunction with the All-Steel Motion System®, are four steel guide rollers per X and Z axis and eight on the Y-axis.  Each roller is firmly mounted using two precision steel ball bearings giving the Q.204 the smoothest and most precise guide system on the market with the capability of handling the highest working loads. 

5 Layer Steel Gantry Uprights

To ensure that the Q-Series machines have the most rigid gantry system possible, the uprights for the gantry are made from 5-layers of laminated steel. Our laminated steel uprights are stronger and more rigid, without additional weight, when compared to thinner solid aluminum or steel ones found on other machines. Another advantage of these uprights is that they are able to encapsulate all of the wires and hoses for the gantry, keeping the sleek, clean look of the machine.

Universal Z-Tool Holder

To ensure that the Q.204 system can meet all of your present and future needs it includes six T-slots in the Z-axis extrusion. This allows you to adjust the spindle height range as well as attach other devices such as dust collection, mist lubrication and other STEPCRAFT attachments.

Integrated Aluminum T-Slots

Every Q-Series CNC comes standard with a white formica-coated MDF table with integrated aluminum T-slots. This ensures you have the most flexibility when fixing your workpieces to the machine.  An optional all aluminum T-slot table can be added in place of the standard table and is best for when you plan to use mist cooling for metal machining.

Integrated LED Illumination

Each Q-Series machine comes standard with integrated LED lighting mounted under the gantry to provide optimal lighting along the X-axis of the working space on the machine.

Low Maintenance

Through the use of industrial brushes and rubber seal profiles, each axis on the Q.204 is sealed from outside debris, dust and chips. This means that maintenance intervals are longer with an increased uptime, which is a must for operations requiring production runs that are 12 or more hours per day. When it is time for routine maintenance, the covers are easily removable to access the drive system.

Reinforced Machine Frame

Every Q.204 has six specially-designed aluminum crossbars along the Y-axis, increasing the rigidity of the machine frame and the drive system while also supporting the table so it can handle the rigors of a production environment.

Concealed Cable Routing

Every Q.204 uses exceptionally reliable and durable IGUS cables, each capable of over 10 million bending cycles.  All wires are routed throughout the CNC via industrial cable carriers. The clean look of the hidden wires is yet another sign of STEPCRAFT's attention to detail. 

Virtually Unlimited Workpiece Length

The open Y-axis pass-through design of the machine table allows you to process longer sheet materials, using "tiling" in your CAM program, splitting the job into multiple files that are 48 inches long. This gives you virtually unlimited machine capability in the Y-axis with a four foot machine.

UCCNC Machine Control Software

Every Q.204 CNC system sold in the USA, Canada, and Mexico comes with UCCNC machine control software. This powerful software runs G-code files generated using your favorite CAD/CAM software, such as Vectric V Carve Pro or Autodesk Fusion 360. To make the learning process easy, we have a free video training course on UCCNC available to all customers. 

Easy USB Connection 

The Q.204 connects to your computer via a USB connection. This allows you to use just about any desktop or laptop computer to run your CNC. An optional parallel interface can be configured with the machine should you choose to use a machine control software platform other than the included UCCNC.

Powerful Stepper Motors

To achieve the speed, power and accuracy that is demanded of high production facilities, the Q.204 uses high-torque NEMA 24 equivalent stepper motors on every axis. These motors are rated for high duty cycles allowing the Q.204 to give you thousands of hours of trouble-free production with maximum precision and reliability.

Safety Features - CE Approved

The STEPCRAFT Q-Series of CNC systems have been fully CE approved to meet the highest international safety standards.  Features like limit switches at each end of every axis ensures that the machine can never crash. All pinch points in the gantry system have been removed and electronic safety bumpers on the X-axis ensure that arms, hands and fingers are protected - making the Q-Series CNC systems the perfect choice for schools as well as introductory users.

Metal Cutting Capability

The Q.204 is designed to handle many materials in a production environment.  This includes machining of non-ferrous metals like aluminum, brass and copper.  When coupled with the 3 hp or greater spindle, the Q.204 can achieve very accurate results - with greater performance and precision than many CNC routers on the market.

Tool Length Sensor

Every Q.204 CNC system comes with STEPCRAFT's Tool Length Sensor. This device takes the guesswork out of tool changes and ensures that every tool path that you run is accurate.  Consistent Z height across tool changes is critical, especially when running multi-tool jobs like cabinet work, raised panel doors and intricate 3D carving projects.

No Assembly Required

Every STEPCRAFT Q.204 CNC system is shipped completely assembled and ready-to-use. You simply have to unbox and plug in the machine, then it is ready to run your first design.

OneTech Quality Philosophy

All Q-Series machines are manufactured according to our One Tech  quality philosophy. This means that one machine is completely assembled and checked by one technician. Only after successful testing of all functionality will a machine receive the personal One Tech  quality seal and will leave the factory with its individual test report and workpiece.

German Engineered - American Built

The STEPCRAFT Q-Series line of CNC systems gives you the best of both worlds - high quality, fine detailed German engineering and American built by our dedicated team of CNC assembly technicians. Working closely with our German headquarters, we ensure that every CNC system that we ship is perfect and meets all of our critical testing standards.

Tony Donato - FM Designs

Tony has been a customer for a couple years and is an owner of both D-Series and a new Q.204 CNC.  In this podcast episode, he talks about his experience with both and how he started a very successful sign-making company thanks to his STEPCRAFT machines.

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Andrew Griffing - Griffin Lee Artisans

Andrew has been a long time woodworker and in 2018 he added a Q.204 to his shop.  As of June 2019, he has since replaced the Q.204 with a Q.408 with Automatic Tool Changer.  Watch Andrew's interview on YouTube or  listen to the podcast episode.

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CE Compliant
Supplied with all components necessary for operation
Control electronics for an easy connection to the computer via USB or Parallel interface
Steel components on constructional high-stress areas
Ball-screw drive on all all axes
Concealed cable routing through high-quality cable chains
Complete encapsulation of the linear guides with easy maintenance access
Machine table with open pass-through design on the Y-axis allows processing of long sheet materials
All-Steel Motion System® with Ø 20 mm hardened steel shafts
Machine frame reinforced with six crossbars
Standard machine table out of white coated MDF boards with aluminum T-slots
Z-axis with six T-slots for the variable attachment of different tools
Highest quality cabling capable of 10 million bending cycles
German engineered/American built
1 year warranty