Perfect Registration Every Time - Creating A Dowel Pin Zero Reference Point On Your CNC

Having a zero reference point on your CNC will allow you to quickly and accurately setup jobs which all have a lower (or front) left zero datum.  This video will show you how to setup the Vectric file to make the holes and will show you how to setup the work coordinates and offsets to give you a perfect zero reference point.

If you run UCCNC on your CNC, you can use this M200.txt macro to allow the P1 button on your screen automatically bring your CNC to the 0, 0 position, offset by the radius of the dowel pins you use and then zero the DRO so you can start jobs with an exact registration point.  DOWNLOAD HERE

NOTE: You must be using at least UCCNC version 1.2110 in order for this macro to work.

Installation instructions: Install the M200.txt file in c://uccnc/profiles/*your machine profile


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