Welcome to Stepcraft Remote Support

It's important to remember this Remote Support is by APPOINTMENT ONLY, and it's determined by our personnel if you require this type of assistance.
Our Remote Support will allow us to connect remotely with your computer to check and fix any problem you may have with your system.
Please follow the next instructions to enable a remote connection.

01 . Download the Software

Click on the link below to download, open/execute the Remote Support Software

Click here to Download

02 . Run/Execute the Software

After running the software you can get a request to allow the software make modifications to the system, please accept this request to continue.
You will get a window with your unique ID and computer name, the software will send a request to our support personal to connect with your computer.
This is a single use software and it won't install anything or leave any software residue on your computer.

03 . Allow the Remote Connection

Press the Allow button after you get the request to give permission to control your computer by our personal, this will not take complete control of your computer, you can always move the mouse and use the keyboard if you need.