The STEPCRAFT Q-Series sets new standards in the computer-aided individual and serial production.  The powerful CNC System unites efficiency, precision, and quality with modern design.  Thanks to innovative solutions and smart technology, Q-Series machines are designed to meet the demanding needs of industrial applications.  Contact is for a quote today!   (203) 556-1856  option #2


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Q.204 CNC System

The Q.204 has a full 24"x 48" (2x4 foot) work area with 7" of Z height.  *Shown here with optional structural steel welded machine stand and ATC-2200 Automatic Tool Changer, tool rack, and tool holders.

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Q.404 CNC System

The Q.404 has a 48" x 48" (4x4 foot) work area with 7" of Z height. The Q.404 has structural steel welded machine stand included.  *Shown here with optional ATC-2200 Automatic Tool Changer, tool rack, and tool holders.

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Q.408 CNC System

The Q.408 has a 48" x 96" (4x8 foot) work area with 7" of Z height.  The Q.408 has structural steel welded machine stand included. *Shown here with the optional ATC-2200 Automatic Tool Changer, tool rack, and tool holders.


Our Q-Series is available in three different versions. The machines not only differ in size but also partly in construction. While the gantry of the Q.204 is moved with one stepper motor, it is accelerated in the bigger and heavier machines Q.404 and Q.408 with two electrically synchronized stepper motors (Gantry System) in order to enhance the dynamics and power reserves.

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The Q-Series offers optimal precision and extreme reliability in the manufacturing and processing of high quality work-pieces. For this purpose, the machine frame has been reinforced with up to ten crossbars along with the addition of steel components used on constructional, highly-stressed areas. Additionally, the solid drive units provide a high level of operating efficiency which is reflected in repeatability and backlash of +/- 0,015 mm.

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Reinforced Machine Frame

Up to ten crossbars out of aluminum extrusions serve to reinforce the machine frame consistently in a distance of 280 mm along the Y-axis. This stabilizes the frame and creates an ideal supporting surface for the machine table.

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Steel Components 

In the development of the Q-Series we at STEPCRAFT relied on using steel components on constructional highly-stressed areas in order to ensure high force distribution on all axes. Thus, the gantry uprights, for example, consist of a 5-layered, powder-coated steel construction.

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Solid Drive Unit

The drive unit on the Y-axis consists of up to two actively-cooled stepper motors on both sides, which move the ball screw drives including revolving nuts. This ensures maximum agility, reliability and precision.

Design & Function

As a modern CNC machine, the Q-Series excels at combining design and function. This can be seen in the intelligent mix of heavy-duty STEPCRAFT aluminum extrusions and steel components, but also in the easy maintenance access of the linear guides and the Z-axis. This way, the Q-Series optimally combines innovative solutions with modern industrial design.

  Concealed Cable Routing

The STEPCRAFT Q-Series contains exceptionally reliable and durable IGUS quality lines with a suitability for 10 million bending cycles. These are safely and concealed routed through the CNC machine via energy chains.

Intelligent Mix of Materials

One of the great advantages of the Q-Series lies in the smart combination of heavy-duty STEPCRAFT aluminum extrusions and steel components, thus, ensuring rigidity and lowest vibration through a high weight.

 Junction Box

All control and signal lines of the fully wired Q-Series converge in the on-board junction box on the X-axis. Whether tools, electronics or accessories, in the juction box additional signal-dependent components can be connected comfortably with the machine.

 Universal Z-Tool Holder

In order to support the usage of a multitude of tools, the Z-axis has been equipped with six T-slots. This way, it is also possible to variably adjust the height of the tool holder.


Powerful CNC systems need to be solidly built with high quality components. With the All-Steel Motion System®, the solid drive units, the standard included machine table out of white coated MDF boards with aluminum T-slots and the assembly according to the OneTech quality philosophy, the Q-Series is perfectly suited for industrial applications..


All-Steel Motion System®

The STEPCRAFT Q-Series features a proprietary All-Steel Motion System®. This linear guide system uses ∅ 20 mm hardened steel shafts which provides smooth and precise movements and a robust construction. Furthermore, All-Steel

Motion System® is extremely insensible to dust and dirt and, thus, very maintenance-friendly.


Our OneTech quality philosophy guarantees that each CNC machine has been completely handcrafted and checked by the designated STEPCRAFT technician. Only after successful testing of all functionalities will a system of the STEPCRAFT Q-Series be released and marked with the Our OneTech quality seal.




The innovative technology and first class components of the Q-Series allow for the time- and cost-efficient manufacturing and machining of workpieces while reliably producing high-precision milling results with a multitude of different materials.

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Lowest machine hour rate

Due to its smart construction, such as the complete encapsulation of the linear guides with the easy maintenance access and the reliable drive units, the Q-Series is not only low-maintenance but with an hourly machine rate of 5 €/hour (Q.204) also extremely economic.


Work with many materials

With production speeds of up to 12 m/min a large variety of materials such as woods, plastics, aluminum, brass, carbon, and composites can be efficiently and precisely processed.


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The CNC systems of the STEPCRAFT Q-Series can be individually customized with optional accessories, from the spindle, to the full aluminum T-slot table, to the vacuum adapter/dust boot, to a keyboard/monitor stand!  (attaches to the steel base stand - which is included on Q.404 and Q.408 machines, but optional on the Q.204) and more!