1 on 1 CNC Coaching Program


We understand that many of our customers are brand new to CNC and have no prior experience with setting up, programming or using a CNC system.  While we offer a lot of videos online, many customers still have questions as they watch the videos and not all projects are the same.  Our 1 on 1 Coaching Program is personalized training where you will work one on one with one of our CNC technicians either via phone, Skype, Facetime or using a screen sharing program.  The allocated time that purchase is 100% yours and will be dedicated to working on any topic or project of your choosing.  You will have someone that can help you become successful with your new CNC faster, with less mistakes, saving you a lot of money in scrapped material and broken bits. 


When you book time with one of our CNC technicians, the time is yours.  We can help you with Vectric training, or help you figure out a project that you need to make on your CNC.  We can work on things like:

  • Toolpathing

  • 3D Carving Jobs

  • Engraving (Laser, Rotary or with an Engraving Point)

  • Vector tracing

  • CNC tool selection

  • Speeds and Feeds

  • CAM setup

  • and much more. 

When you book coaching time, our technician will reach out to you in advance to understand what you want to go over on the call.  He will then schedule a time with you that works best for you both.  He will make sure that he has time to research and be prepared for your call, so you time is always used productively.


Yes, of course we offer unlimited support via phone and email to help you make sure that your machine, software and accessories are up and running 100%.  However, due to the large number customers that we have, and our desire to provide the same high level of service for everyone, we are not able to help you setup or program all of your jobs or train you on how to use software (other than UCCNC, which we will ensure to help since it is the software that runs the machine).  We are always publishing new videos on YouTube to help teach our customers various tasks as well as how-to projects showing how to use Vectric or Fusion 360.  But for some customers, the videos may not cover the specifics that you need to know in order to complete your custom project. Our Coaching program will allow you to work directly with someone who is dedicated for that scheduled time to focus on only you and your project. 

Our goal with every customer is to help make sure your machine is assembled correctly, tested, adjusted and the software is installed.  Once all that is complete we will ensure that you can run the Sample File project that we include online and with every machine.  We have also created a step-by-step video that walks you through the process of making that file.  Once you can cut that file, then you are ready to experience how amazing the world of CNC is!  


You have made a significant investment into your CNC system and all the bells and whistles that make it work, so you have made a commitment to turning all of your creative ideas into real, usable projects.  The only thing that might stand in your way to success is the learning curve.  Not every customer is the same.  Some learn fast watching videos and reading material, while others learn faster with someone guiding them and yet some prefer the security of knowing that someone is there to ensure that you are successful right away. 

Use our Coaching Program if:

  • You are using your machine to make money, and you would like to get projects running faster.

  • You have watched a lot of videos and are confused from conflicting messages and simply want some guidance.

  • You are brand new to CNC and a little intimidated and cautious for fear of damaging something.

  • You have a unique project and want to find the best way to produce it, and can't seem to find information online that is specific enough.

  • You have limited free time and would rather spend it working on projects and running the CNC rather than trying to learn on your own.

No matter what your reason, we have a solution that can help!  


1 Hour Coaching Block

$ 89 .00

This block is good for the following:
  • Training of basic profile, pocket and engraving tool paths
  • Teaching how to use image tracing and minor vector optimization
  • Teaching basic feeds and speeds or how to choose the proper tool
  • Best for getting one major thing worked out

5 Hour Coaching Block

$ 399 .00

This block is good for the following:
  • Everything in the 1 Hour Block plus...
  • Help with specific project planning and CAM programming
  • Learning advanced topics like 3D Carving, 4th Axis machining and more. 
  • We can make a custom tutorial video for your specific project.
  • Best for helping you work through 2-3 individual projects

10 Hour Coaching Block

$ 699 .00

This block is good for the following:
  • Everything in the first two blocks plus:
  • Have time available for multiple projects as you need it
  • Helping you with various accessories and how to setup those jobs in the software
  • Helping you with things like fixturing and work holding
  • Best for helping you work through 5-7 individual projects 
  • Best solution for businesses