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For both STEPCRAFT and Non-STEPCRAFT CNC Systems

The following video will show you how to level your heated bed for your 3D printer... 


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The printers are going into standby and eventually shutting off because they are not receiving the correct signal from UCCNC that the machine is running. This is a very simple fix outlined below. 

1.) Define pin outs in UCCNC --> CONFIGURATION --> I/O SETUP. On the left hand side you have "Current hi/low". Those two pins should read "16" and "1".

2.) Define pin outs in UCCNC --> AXIS SETUP --> SPINDLE. Bottom Left you have "M3 relay pin". Change those values to "0" and "0" and uncheck the "spindle relay output enabled" if it is checked.

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Cura does not come with the Stepcraft PH-40 as a pre-configured printer, and thus requires creating a custom printer profile (please see the PH-40 First Steps UCCNC manual for more information). Below is a PDF containing the parameters for your Cura profile. Please note that the nozzle diameter setting is dependent on what size nozzle is fitted to the print head.

Download Stepcraft PH-40 Cura Printer Settings


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