How to surface the Q.408 Spoilboard the Easy Way

Surfacing your spoilboard is critical, especially when using a Vacuum Table.  It is important that you remove the surface glue layer of the MDF sheet at least .020" on each side to obtain maximum vacuum flow through the sheet giving you the most hold-down force.  Additionally, as you use your machine the surface of the spoilboard will be cut into and after a while, you will start to lose valuable vacuum due to air loss in the channels cut into the MDF.  

It can be challenging to create a program that will reliably surface your MDF each time consistently, especially if you have a Q.404 or Q.408 machine with the sliding tool rack in the rear, as you need to be careful not to allow the cutter to hit the orange covers that protect the pneumatic cylinders.  

To simplify this process we created this video and the files below to help you with this process so you can achieve consistent results every time.  


1) To use the attached file, you will need to be using the AMANA TOOL RC-2263 Spoilboard Surfacing Cutter.  This is a 2.75" diameter cutter and the program is specifically set up for this geometry.  If you use a larger cutter you will cut outside the MFD and HIT the covers on the sliding tool rack.  If you use a smaller diameter cutter, then you will not reach the entire surface of the MDF.   

2) You MUST make sure the machine is in the exact center before you run the file.  This can be done by pressing the Move to Center park button in UCCNC (as shown in the video).  Also, you must touch off the Z-axis on the top surface of your MDF.  



Vectric V-Carve Pro (V11) Editable File:  DOWNLOAD HERE

G-CODE File (ready to run): DOWNLOAD HERE