MM-1000 DI Digital Milling Spindle for D-Series and M-Series

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    The MM-1000 DI is the spindle of choice that we offer for our D-Series and M-Series CNC Systems.  The spindle is made in Germany under strict quality control and is designed to perform reliably for long periods of time. Unlike a typical router, such as the Dewalt DW611, the MM-1000 DI is a true CNC milling spindle with the use of precision bearings that are designed for very long runtime with maximum concentricity. A special seal is used to protect the spindle and bearings against dust and debris.  The "DI" stands for "digital interface".  This gives you full control of the spindle power and RPM and your g-code programs. It also has a manual dial on it to override the digital settings should you need to do so.  It has a sound level of only 71 dB which means lower noise in your shop. 

    The MM-1000 DI Spindle also has an Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) option that can quickly be added at any time.  The ATC will give you full automation with your CNC projects, changing tools without manual intervention as your jobs require.  This is a must-have add-on if you work on larger production-run projects or have projects which require many frequent tool changes. 


    • Input Voltage (AC): 110V

    • Rotary Speed: 10,000-25,000 rpm

    • Output Power: 1000 watts (1.4 hp)

    • Quiet design: 71 dB

    • Digital electronics with constant speed under load, soft start-up, idle speed reduction and overload protection

    • Concentricity (shaft): <0.0004" (<0.01 mm)

    • Concentricity (end mill): <0.002" (<0.05 mm) 

    • Special seal to protect spindle bearing against foreign particles

    • For wood, metal, plastics, foam, polystyrene, stone

    • Weight: 3.6 lbs.


    • Milling Motor MM-1000 DI

    • 1/4" Collet

    • Spanner wrench

    • Sensor Cable