STEPCRAFT-3/D.840 Vacuum T-Track Table

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    The new STEPCRAFT-3/D.840 CNC system now has a new multi-use table option.  The new Vacuum T-Track Table will give you the best of both worlds, allowing you vacuum hold-down as well as the ability to use all of Stepcraft's clamping options, such as the Clamping Set, vises, and Toggle Clamps.  The design of this table gives you an incredible amount of vacuum holding force with just a standard shop vac with a 2 1/2" hose.   The flexible rubber cord can be configured around the T-Tracks following the grid system in the table to give you the ability to conform your vacuum area to just about any shape needed.    The aluminum T-Tracks are secured to the aluminum cross members on the D.840 frame ensuring maximum rigidity for all your clamping needs. 


    It takes about 15 minutes to install the table onto an assembled D.840 system, replacing the white melamine table that comes with the machine.  Once the Vacuum T-Track Table is installed, you will not need to swap our tables anymore.  If you require a smooth surface for attachments like the Plotting Pen and Drag Knives.