Touch Probe P100 (Tool Length Sensor)

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    The Touch Probe P100 functions similarly to the Tool Length Sensor but is more versatile. You can use the P100 not only to determine the Z-zero point but to define the position of the tool (probing) as well. Thanks to the flexible probe plate, you can, to a certain extent, even determine the depth of a pocket. Furthermore, the single-sided insulation enables the use with all machine tables.

    Technical Specifications:

    • Galvanic isolation protects the machine's electronics
    • Incl. additional clamp for the use of non-grounded milling motors
    • Cable length 2m each

    Attention! This product is compatible with: the M-Series, the D-Series from 2018, the D-Series with Performance Kit as well as the "Black Edition".

    If you have purchased a D-Series CNC system before 2018, check if your motherboard has at least version number 3.
    This product is compatible with version 3. You will find the imprint on the mainboard directly behind the connector sockets.