4th Axis System Complete (M-Series)


Includes 3 pcs: 4th Axis Module, 3-Jaw Chuck, and Tailstock

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    4th Axis System

    The 4th Axis System allows you to expand the capabilities of the STEPCRAFT CNC system by allowing machining of round objects with precision.  Making things like chess pieces, tap handles, even baseball bats are possible by using a 4th Axis.   This system is compatible with every STEPCRAFT D-Series CNC System.  The system comes with the rotary chuck, tail stock and 4th Axis interface module.   NOTE: To get the most adjustability out of the system it is recommended to add an aluminum T-Slot Table to your STEPCRAFT machine to take advantage of the T-tracks so you can infinitely move the tailstock to accommodate various length projects. 

    The 4th Axis System comes complete (3 pieces) for this one purchase price.

    • Rotary Axis with 3 Jaw Chuck (circular table for connection to the 4th axis module)
    • 4th Axis Module (necessary to control a rotary axis with a STEPCRAFT Machine
    • Tailstock
    NOTE:  To secure the Tailstock properly, it is necessary to also buy the aluminum
    T-Slot Table for your machine.

    SOFTWARE: To operate the 4th Axis, you will need CAM software that is capable of generating tool paths (GCode) for the rotary axis.  Aspire, VCarve Pro, Vcarve Desktop (new!), DeskProto, and Fusion 360 are programs we offer that have this capability.  Cut 3D and Cut 2D (all versions) do NOT have this capability.