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For both STEPCRAFT and Non-STEPCRAFT CNC Systems

The UCR201 Jog Pendant requires the user to enable the plugin in the configuration window in UCCNC. If you are running version 1.2037 of UCCNC, you may find that the Jog Pendant does not show up in the configuration window. If this is the case, you simply need to update UCCNC to a newer version which can be found below...

UCCNC Version 1.2049 -

After downloading and installing version 1.2049 of UCCNC, the Jog Pendant should now be visible in the configuration window and you can proceed with the rest of the setup!

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The Oscillating Tangential Knife requires no special software outside of the standard CAD/CAM program used to design and create toolpaths. Cut2D, VCarve Desktop and VCarve Pro are all compatible with the OTK-3. As of May 2019, the only "special" software needed to run the knife is the free version 1.2110 of UCCNC.

Securing your workpiece for use with the OTK-3 may require use of a vacuum table or sticky table, as materials such as hard foam, cardboard, leather, cork and carpet can be tough to hold with traditional clamping methods.

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If you find that your tool length sensor (TLS) is functioning properly, but not touching the very top of your material, you may need to preform a quick calibration. This ensures that the tool length sensor is accurate and reliable. The following video will walk you through the simple TLS calibration...


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Will the D-Series Machines fit into the enclosure with the Performance Upgrade Kit added?

Yes, the machines will fit into their respective enclosures if you decide to add the performance kit to the the machine.

The Performance Upgrade is a new product that allows you to convert your D-Series D.840, D.600, or D.420 to dual Y axis motors thus eliminating the drive belt and increasing performance from 50 mm/sec to 70 mm/sec.

For more information on the performance kits, please visit:

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To connect your remote switchable power controller system, follow the diagram below...

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The Mini Tool Adapter is used to reduce the size of our 43mm x 20mm adapter down to an 8mm hole so you can use STEPCRAFT attachments like the Engraving Point, Plotting Pen or 3D Touch Probe, which all have an 8mm shank on them.

Alternatively you can use an 8mm Collet in your spindle (Just be sure to power the spindle OFF) when running these attachments.

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The Mini 20mm to 8mm tool adapter fits inside of the 43mm to 20mm adapter. Then you can insert the Engraving Point (or other 8mm attachment) directly to the 43mm tool holder on the STEPCRAFT CNC.
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This shows the Mini Tool Adapter nested inside the 43mm to 20mm adapter.
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Here is the assembled unit, ready to be installed into the STEPCRAFT CNC tool holder.

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Your E-Stop could be active. Check to make sure the E-Stop in the front face of your machine is not engaged. Also, the US 110 volt edition of Q-Series machine has an additional spindle safety circuit to check - Make sure your 110 volt plug from the back of the machine is connected to a live power source, or, your spindle safety override switch (located on the top of the machine) is engaged.


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